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Metal Baling Presses

Effective metal recycling and waste-handling solutions

Recycling is now a critical process in every modern industry. Reducing landfill and general waste is a not only a moral obligation but a lawful responsibility. PCL’s robust range of metal baling systems start from single stage 40-tonne units to 350-tonne 3-stage presses.

Single stage units

Our single stage units are suitable for baling light gauge domestic metal, tin cans, offcuts and similar items. They are now being incorporated as part of our turnkey solutions – linked to air extraction systems for handling shredded light gauge trim and pressing waste.

They incorporate heavy duty shear and automatic bale ejection with a facility for automatic continuous feed, manual single cycle and fully automatic multiple cycles. Various bale sizes are available depending on the client’s required throughput.

Three Stage Presses

Designed primarily for use on local authority refuse sites and situations where a constant supply of scrap metal is available, our three stage presses incorporate heavy duty shears and can be fed manually where necessary.

With a large feeding chamber, they can accommodate bale sizes from 305mm x 305mm (12″ x 12″) up to 457mm x 457mm (18″ x 18″). Dependent on material, output is variable up to 6 tonnes per hour, equating to 30-60 bales per hour.

All units are fitted with replaceable wear plates and with hydraulic equipment designed for simple maintenance.