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Drum Crushers

Reduce storage space and improve material handling

Designed with ease of use and safety in mind, these cost-effective units are ideal for reducing storage space and improving the handling of surplus drums and cans destined for recycling – helping to ease the increasing price of disposal.

200 Litre unit

Our 200 Litre press can crush large drums to a depth of approximately 150mm. Guides fitted to the base of the press enable accurate location of the drum in order to prevent offset loading. Operation is by means of a simple spring-loaded manual control valve which only works with the guard completely closed.

If your company is regularly making use of these drums you will understand the amount of storage space they can take up.

20 Litre unit

Whereas our 200 Litre unit is hydraulically driven this smaller lightweight unit can be connected to an on-site compressed air supply. The press is operated by closing a door which initiates the rise and fall of the platen.

The platen does not operate with the door open, minimising the risk of accidents. Occupying just 0.3m² of floor space the unit is easily transported and can be moved to wherever it is required.

Our aim is to design our equipment to your needs and we will always do our upmost to discuss, design and implement any specific requirements or improvement initiatives.